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Domain Names

Domain name is an essential part of your business branding.

Domain Name is a “web address” that a customer types in the browser when he wants to get to your website.

However, the Domain Name is not only the address, but also the name of your website. It can be in tune with the company name, product or project and become the part of your brand. Therefore, it is important to select a Domain Name responsibly.

When registering a Domain Name, you have to choose a Domain Zone. It is an integral part of a Domain Name that indicates geographical (us, ca, eu, …) or a thematic (info, game, biz, com, net, org, …) origin of the website. Domain Zones are also called first-level domains. Having selected a Domain Zone, you register a second-level domain which is the actual name of your website.

Before you register a Domain Name, you should check its availability. It may happen that in the selected Domain Zone, the name you have chosen already exists and is occupied by someone else. In this case, you need to choose another name or try to change the Domain Zone. After successful registration you will become the owner of the Domain Name.

Typically, Domain Names are registered for one year. At the end of that period the Domain Name registration should be extended if you still want to be the owner.

Have you thought about the Domain Name for your website?

Have you thought about the Domain Name for your website?

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